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 #   Report Name   Description 
1. Accidents A lot of accidental deaths. 
2. Birthday Totals  Number of birthdays per months pre Mark on TNG Forum 
3. Cancer I noticed a lot of cancer deaths so I thought it would be interesting to track exactly how many there were. Although other people in my tree did have cancer, I am only tracking those that I am related to by blood. 
4. Cause of Death Frequency I enter my cause of death exactly as it is worded on the death certificate so there are 50 different ways to say they died of a heart attack. SQL code by 
5. Deaths of Children Under Age 10 Report of all children under the age of 10, sorted by last name Report from Rush in TNG Forum 
6. Longest Marriages Length of marriage (ordered by Years Married) where death date of both spouses is known, or when there has been a divorce with known date. [Original SQL code by Warren Gilbert]  
7. Murders After about my 3rd murder discovery, I thought I would start tracking them. 
8. Occupation summary Summary of occupations; TNG reads the occupation from a different field than where I entered it in my genealogy software. I am working on getting all those moved. 
9. Occupations This is a list of occupations of people in my database. The list is far from complete. I have the occupations listed in a different field in my genealogy program than where TNG gets them from. I am slowly getting them converted.  
10. Purple Heart For the known service members in my tree to receive a purple heart 
11. Sibling to Sibling Marriages Brothers of ohe family marrying sisters of another family SQL code by 
12. Twins A listing of all the known twins. This report takes a minue to pull up for some reason but it will come up! TNG report contributed by Henny Savenije.  
13. War Veterans of various wars as far back as the French and Indian War. These are sorted by war name, not date - I could not get the sort to work correctly using the date field. So, the War of 1812 comes between Vietnam and WW I and the French and Indian War comes after the Civil War.